Sculptor of Japanese origin, he was born in Hyōgo (Kyōto) in 1952. He came to Germany as a missionary of the Tenrikyō religion and in 1974 he graduated in Art. In 1975 he moved permanently to Germany where he studied German Language and Culture at the Philipps University and Art at the Marburg Institute of Painting and Graphics.

From the mid-eighties he began to frequent Central Italy where he learned the terracotta and ceramics processing, and where the discovery of Etruscan art, the Tuscan Renaissance and the Roman Baroque will increasingly become an inexhaustible source of continuous inspiration.

His plastic works, such as pictorial and graphic ones, express the research and definition of an always new individual identity, derived from the exchange and from the continuous comparison between very distant and contrasting cultures, between East and West. Central to his work is the elaboration of a "multicultural" style and a strong introspective and spiritual component.

Since 1978 he has exhibited in numerous personal and collective exhibitions, mainly in Japan, Germany and Italy. In 2009 he exhibited together with Thomas Lange in the double solo exhibition "Melody Apocalyptic" at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Orvieto, which for the first time hosted a contemporary art project in its own spaces in dialogue with the precious ancient art collections.

His works are found in various private collections and in some important museums and foundations in Italy and Germany.

He lives and works between Berlin and Italy, near Orvieto (TR).

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